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CHILDCanadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (research study)
CHILDcongenital hemidysplasia with ichthyosiform erythroderma and limb defects
CHILDChanging How Instruction for Learning Is Delivered
CHILDChildren with Intestinal and Liver Disorders Foundation (Canada)
CHILDChildren Having Individual Learning Differences
CHILDConvenient Hyped Imaginary Low-Age Disorder
CHILDCitizens Helping Improve Legislative Developments (Pennsylvania)
CHILDCognitive Hybrid Intelligent Learning Device
CHILDCharacter, Health, Integrity, Leadership, Development
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The friendship between Tom and Eva had grown with the child's growth.
What is the fit disposition of the body will be better mentioned when we come to speak of the education of the child; we will just slightly mention a few particulars.
The child had a native grace which does not invariably co-exist with faultless beauty; its attire, however simple, always impressed the beholder as if it were the very garb that precisely became it best.
He hastened across the grass, and came near to the child. And when he came quite close his face grew red with anger, and he said, "Who hath dared to wound thee?" For on the palms of the child's hands were the prints of two nails, and the prints of two nails were on the little feet.
But the face of the child was innocently radiant with an angelic smile.
The forester climbed up, brought the child down, and thought to himself: 'You will take him home with you, and bring him up with your Lina.' He took it home, therefore, and the two children grew up together.
As the old man trembled with cold, and the little child slept a moment, the mother went and poured some ale into a pot and set it on the stove, that it might be warm for him; the old man sat and rocked the cradle, and the mother sat down on a chair close by him, and looked at her little sick child that drew its breath so deep, and raised its little hand.
It is a very long way from here,' said I, 'my child.'
When the king heard that Baleka was sick he did not kill her outright, because he loved her a little, but he sent for me, commanding me to attend her, and when the child was born to cause its body to be brought to him, according to custom, so that he might be sure that it was dead.
"And it is strange, too that they make me almost as much a child as they themselves are!
I told her I was shy of speaking, for the woman of the house looked stranger, or at least I thought so, since I had been ill, because I was with child; and I was afraid she would put some affront or other upon me, supposing that I had been able to give but a slight account of myself.
I do not believe that there is anything sweeter in the world than the ideas which awake in a mother's heart at the sight of her child's tiny shoe; especially if it is a shoe for festivals, for Sunday, for baptism, the shoe embroidered to the very sole, a shoe in which the infant has not yet taken a step.
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