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CHILDESChild Language Data Exchange System
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The CHILDES project: Tools for analyzing talk, volume 2: The database, 3rd edn.
Evidence of this is provided in the CHILDES database (MacWhinney 2000), where I searched for the use of imperfective and perfective participles in 20 of Adam's files.
The CHILDES system," in Handbook of child language acquisition, edited by W.
McKercher (2001) reported on three types of nonstandard uses of with from children in the CHILDES corpus: (i) when children put with before the complement of the verb (25), (ii) when children used with to mark the theme (26), and (iii) when with was used in place of a locative (27).
She analyzes the data of Sumihare in the CHILDES database, and reports that he erroneously uses the intransitive form instead of the transitive form as in (45a).
16) Spiros 1;9 (from Stephany's data, CHILDES database; RI-interpretation from Varlokosta et al.
All audio recordings were transcribed orthographically in CHAT format as described in the CHILDES manual (MacWhinney 2000), and a complete morphological tagging was automatically created using the MOR and POST programs also available on CHILDES.
The example in (31), also from CHILDES, illustrates an elliptical como-conditional clause whose elided apodosis is easily inferrable as expressing an undesirable consequence.
Actual and potential contexts for argument ellipsis were coded using two dependent tiers that are adaptations of CHILDES (MacWhinney 1995).
The data were analyzed with the CHILDES (Child Language Data Exchange System) and qualitative analysis with analytic induction.
To answer these questions, the CHILDES (CHild Language Data Exchange System) (MacWhinney, 1995; MacWhinney & Snow, 1990) system, a pioneering effort in the field of early language and literacy research, was used.