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Chimene Van Gundy is a real estate investor and entrepreneur with Outstanding Real Estate Solutions, Inc.
"It's the resurgence of interest in our democracy and interest within the new voters and young voters that's going to push women running for office," Chimene said.
Why Debussy chose not to publish Apparition is unknown; it was eventually published in 1926, eight years after his death, in La revue musicale, but is noteworthy because Debussy salvaged two measures of melody and accompanying harmony for reuse in Rodrigue et Chimene, and again in act 2 scene 1 of Pelleas et Melisande.
Horace is Corneille's first play after the querelle du Cid, during which the playwright was chastised for infractions against vraisemblance and the bienseances (among other particulars, for envisioning a marriage between Chimene and the man who killed her father).
Neuman, Strangers To The Constitution: Immigrants, Borders, and Fundamental Law 6-7 (1996) (defining the membership theory to mean that only the "beneficiaries" of the social contract are entitled to constitutional rights protections); see also Chimene I.
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dimanche 27 juillet 2014 : Chimene Badi / Natasha ST Pier
The principal characters are those caught up in the frightful incident--for example, Chimene and Rodrigue in Le Cid, or Oedipus in Oedipus the King, or Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare's play.
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Chimene Keitner, a Rhodes Scholar from New Brunswick who is currently a law professor at Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, writes in "No One Can Win the Having-It-All Race," "those of us who combine careers and parenting often feel that we're falling short in both: we compete in the workplace with people who focus almost exclusively on work, and we compare ourselves to parents (usually, but not always, mothers) who focus almost exclusively on their children" (unpaged).