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And thus too, it happened, perhaps, that before the last echoes of the last chime had utterly sunk into silence, there were many individuals in the crowd who had found leisure to become aware of the presence of a masked figure which had arrested the attention of no single individual before.
Falling out into the road to look up at the belfry when the Chimes resounded, Toby trotted still.
Faces came and went at many windows: sometimes pretty faces, youthful faces, pleasant faces: sometimes the reverse: but Toby knew no more (though he often speculated on these trifles, standing idle in the streets) whence they came, or where they went, or whether, when the lips moved, one kind word was said of him in all the year, than did the Chimes themselves.
For all this, Toby scouted with indignation a certain flying rumour that the Chimes were haunted, as implying the possibility of their being connected with any Evil thing.
The Chimes came clashing in upon him as he said the words.
From the chime in the spire, over the intersection of the aisles and nave, to the great bell of the front, he cherished a tenderness for them all.
It was a solemn sound, and not merely for its reference to to- morrow; for he knew that in that chime the murderer's knell was rung.
There is some solemn echo of them even in the Cathedral chime, which strikes a sudden surprise to his heart as he turns in under the archway of the gatehouse.
The pleasant days of Spring and Summer passed away, and in little Annie's garden Autumn flowers were blooming everywhere, with each day's sun and dew growing still more beautiful and bright; but the fairy flower, that should have been the loveliest of all, hung pale and drooping on little Annie's bosom; its fragrance seemed quite gone, and the clear, low music of its warning chime rang often in her ear.
Certainly, our clock had chimed in our living room in unison with Big Ben for as long as I could remember, "ding dong ding dong" on the quarter, the same chimes doubled on the half and trebled on the three quarters with the Full Monty on the hour, when as a boy the only thing that surprised me was that we didn't all stand up in unison and sing the National Anthem.
I would imagine this to be the first in a series of Chimes adventures which will be a great read for both girls and boys alike from Y7 onwards, although advanced readers in KS2 will also enjoy this book.
Do Westminster's chimes say that mere rhymes, Will help timekeeping strengthen?