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Through this multiple-award IDIQ contract, Alion will work to support CHINFO across five major tasks: Media Relations, Communications Integrations and Strategy, Community Outreach, Visual Information Support, and Professional and Community Development Facilitation.
Department of the Navy Chief of Information (CHINFO).
(17.) The statistics were compiled from a number of sources including the following: "Reported piracy incidents rise sharply in 2007", Weekly Piracy Report, International Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Crime Services, (; CNN, 5 May 2008, in CHINFO News Clips, 6 May 2008; US Navy Office of Information, "Counter piracy and Combined Task Force 151", Rhumb Lines, 16 January 2009; and "IMB Reports unprecedented rise in maritime hijackings", ICC Commercial Crime Services, 16 January 2009, ( 332:imb-reports-unprecedented-rise-in-maritime-hijackings&catid= 60:news&ltemid=51).
[For more info, see CHINFO message 082200ZFEB00, Aviation Support Guidance.--Ed.]
CSS's staff and faculty are aware that being an institution of learning excellence requires day-to-day interaction with the Fleet, and with stakeholders like CHINFO, to ensure Sailors trained through CSS channels have the tools needed to support the Navy mission.
Sixth Fleet, USS Mount Whitney Underway for NATO's Allied Action, ChInfo News Clips, 18 May 2005, available at
Twenty-four CHINFO Merit Awards for the magazine staff in the last decade and five First Place awards for the magazine in the last six years says a lot about what she's achieved, but it doesn't begin to describe what she's truly meant to us here and to everyone across the globe who's a part of, or a fan of, Naval Aviation.
As an associate editor for NANews, Ed helped the magazine win two CHINFO Merit Awards and continued to develop the magazine's website into an accessible archive.
Naval Aviation News won First Place in the 2002 CHINFO Merit Awards in the category "Internal Publications for a Specific Audience"--earning its second consecutive First Place honor.
CHINFO Merit Awards recognize exemplary achievements in internal media products by Navy commands and individuals.
Naval Aviation News received second place in the 2000 CHINFO Merit Awards, in the publications for a specific audience category.
An important source from news about the Navy is the Chief of Naval Information (CHINFO) Clips.