CHINTCharge Injection Transistor
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Air Products has signed a gas supply contract to provide bulk and specialty gases to CHINT Solar (Zhejiang) Co.
CHINT Solar is a subsidiary of CHINT Group Corporation, a producer of low-voltage electrical power transmission and distribution industries in China.
Specializing in the manufacturing of photovoltaic products, CHINT Solar's annual production capacity of crystalline and thin-film PV is expected to exceed 300MW by 2010.
CHINT Electric Company Limited vice president Lin Bosheng was present at the signing ceremony.
CHINT is the biggest manufacturer and seller of low-voltage electrical products in China and focuses in the research and development, production and sales of more than low-voltage electrical products.
Chin Kim, vice chairman of Matinee Energy, said, "K&C brings the expertise and experience of small to medium business to the table and its alliances with LSI, and CHINT, will help expedite the delivery of promising new technologies and products fit for the energy markets.
CHINT is the largest manufacturer and supplier of power transmission, distribution and control equipment in China as well as measuring and monitoring equipment.
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