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CHIOConcours Hippique International Officiel (international riding event)
CHIOCultural Heritage Information Online (Consortium for the Interchange of Museum Information)
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It is the partner of the Dressage Grand Prix at CHIO Aachen.
Refugee Education Chios was founded and managed by Be Aware And Share (BAAS), a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland and established in 2015.
Arabino-Galactan Proteins (AGPs) were isolated from Chios mastic gum (CMG) by using a buffer containing 0.
Mastihashop is the official store and brand of the Chios Mastiha Growers Association, which is a cooperative of Mastiha growers who harvest this resin by hand in a centuries old process.
The other most likely contained wine, because it appeared to contain fragments of DNA from mastic, a plant that grows on Chios and was used to resinate and preserve wine.
A district public prosecutor will travel to Chios to examine possible deportation procedures for the immigrants.
Chios - Xios to the Greeks - remains one of their best-kept secrets.
Principal battles: Aegina (Aiyina) (388); Naxos (376); Chios (Khios) (357).
He used both literary and historical subjects for his paintings, but he was also involved in contemporary struggles, as evidenced by two of his most famous works, The Massacre of Chios (1824) and Liberty Leading the People (1831).
Anadolu said Sunday that 95 migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq had tried to reach Lesbos and Chios aboard three boats.
Under heavy security, authorities on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios began the deportations - the first in a plan that has drawn strong criticism from human rights advocates but is seen by some European nations as the only way to resolve the continent's migration crisis.
Moncure said there were plans to return migrants from the nearby island of Chios as well but did not say when.