CHIPPSChildren and Infants Postoperative Pain Scale (medical assessment)
CHIPPSCommunity and Home Injury Prevention Program for Seniors (San Francisco, CA)
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Table 5: CHIPPS for the postoperative pain assessment Item Structure Points * None 0 Crying * Moaning 1 * Screaming 2 * Relaxed/smiling 0 Facial expression * Wry mouth 1 * Grimace (mouth and eyes) 2 * Neutral 0 Posture of the trunk * Variable 1 * Rear up 2 * Neutral, released 0 Posture of the legs * Kicking about 1 * Tightened 2 * None 0 Motor restlessness * Moderate 1 * Restless 2 Table 6: Neonatal Infant Pain Scale Variable Finding Points Facial * Relaxed (restful face, neutral 0 expression expression) * Grimace (tight facial muscles, 1 furrowed brow, chin, jaw) Cry * No cry (quiet, not crying) 0 * Whimper (mild moaning, 1 intermittent) * Vigorous crying (loud scream, 2 shrill, continuous.
2004; Salsberry, Chipps, and Kennedy 2005), it is plausible that total health care costs rise when access to care improves to more clinically appropriate levels.
Forty-three percent of children who received rectal acetaminophen reported no pain immediately postoperatively as compared to 10% of patients in the IV acetaminophen group as documented by the CHIPPS scoring criteria.
Prior research predominantly included specialized patient groups and nurses (Chan & Ng, 2012; Chipps et al., 2014; Perry, Hiroko, & Patton, 2015).
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"Education is a catalyst for social and economic change," said Marie Flore Chipps, Haitian social justice advocate and Summits Co-Founder said.
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Cultural competence encompasses the capacity to identify, understand, and respect the values and beliefs of others (Anderson, Scrimshaw, Fullilove, Fielding, & Normand, 2003; Chipps, Simpson, & Brysiewicz, 2008).
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