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CHIRPCommercially Hosted Infrared Payload (US Air Force)
CHIRPConfidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme
CHIRPConfidential Human-Factors Incident Reporting Program (UK)
CHIRPCompressed High Intensity Radar Pulse
CHIRPChild Health Insurance Reform Program
CHIRPCommunity Health Improvement and Regeneration Project (UK)
CHIRPCooperative Hospital Infant Restraint Program (Toronto General Hospital; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CHIRPClinical Health Information Retrieval Project (University of North Carolina School of Medicine; Raleigh, NC)
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Sometimes, in the twilight, when I have felt a little solitary and down-hearted, John--before baby was here to keep me company and make the house gay--when I have thought how lonely you would be if I should die; how lonely I should be if I could know that you had lost me, dear; its Chirp, Chirp, Chirp upon the hearth, has seemed to tell me of another little voice, so sweet, so very dear to me, before whose coming sound my trouble vanished like a dream.
Good Heaven, how it chirped! Its shrill, sharp, piercing voice resounded through the house, and seemed to twinkle in the outer darkness like a star.
And as he soberly and thoughtfully puffed at his old pipe, and as the Dutch clock ticked, and as the red fire gleamed, and as the Cricket chirped; that Genius of his Hearth and Home (for such the Cricket was) came out, in fairy shape, into the room, and summoned many forms of Home about him.
I like you!" she cried out, pattering down the walk; and she chirped and tried to whistle, which last she did not know how to do in the least.
We stood there in friendly silence, while the feeble minstrel sheltered in Antonia's hair went on with its scratchy chirp. The old man's smile, as he listened, was so full of sadness, of pity for things, that I never afterward forgot it.
In this paper, the STFD model is applied to estimate time-frequency signature and DOA jointly, where the method for DOAs estimation of multicomponent chirp signals based on multiple t-f points is proposed and array processing is applied to the estimation of time-frequency signature.
where "[C]" denotes Hadamard product, p = exp(-j(2[pi]/N)), q = exp(-j([pi]/[N.sup.2])[DELTA]l), and [DELTA]l is the grid step of chirp rate.
for -(N - 1)/2 [less than or equal to] n [less than or equal to] (N - 1)/2, where s(n) is the noise-free signal, [A.sub.0] is the constant amplitude, N an odd integer representing the number of samples, T the sampling interval, z(n) the additive complex white Gaussian noise with a variance of [[delta].sup.2], and [a.sub.1], [a.sub.2] and [a.sub.3] denote the centroid frequency, chirp rate and its change rate, respectively.
In this paper we will provide a feasibility study for a microwave photonic system capable of generating chirped pulses while providing suitable time-delays for antenna beam steering.
In the case of n = 1 we have the linear chirp with constant rate [] = ([f.sub.fin] - [f.sub.0])/[] (Fig.