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CHISChiapas (Estado de México)
CHISCalifornia Health Interview Survey (University of California, Los Angeles; Center for Health Policy Research; Los Angeles, CA)
CHISChannel Islands National Park (US National Park Service)
CHISCovert Human Intelligence Source (Crown Prosecution Service; UK)
CHISConsumer Health Information Service (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CHISCommunity Health Information System
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Again, Ariphrades ridiculed the tragedians for using phrases which no one would employ in ordinary speech: for example, {delta omega mu alpha tau omega nu / alpha pi omicron} instead of {alpha pi omicron / delta omega mu alpha tau omega nu}, {rho epsilon theta epsilon nu}, {epsilon gamma omega / delta epsilon / nu iota nu}, {Alpha chi iota lambda lambda epsilon omega sigma / pi epsilon rho iota} instead of (pi epsilon rho iota / 'Alpha chi iota lambda lambda epsilon omega sigma}, and the like.
"'Vagrant, your Honor,' the bailiff volunteered, and his Honor, not deigning to look at the prisoner, snapped,'Ten days,' and Chi Slim sat down.
The reporting of inadequate and misleading information about the CHIS response rates is not unique to the present article.
The Chi family has a new incarnation of Chi's Express under way on Chenal Parkway in Little Rock.
Remember the Whispers story of the Chi family of restaurateurs opening a new place in Little Rock?
"I am excited that, together, Chi and Accumen bring a new level of capacity and capability to laboratories across the US to accelerate breakthrough performance.
A technique that integrates body, mind and spirit, tai chi (pronounced tie-chee) has been practiced for centuries in China.
We are so pleased that she has been awarded this honor,” said Chi CEO Dr.
In tai chi, you perform a series of slow, graceful, controlled body movements while your body remains straight and upright.
“Chi supports the goals and objectives of clinical laboratories with an expert-led team of professionals, data, and proven strategies to identify, implement, and replicate successful outreach programs,” said Chi CEO Dr.
You won't undergo a strenuous workout in a tai chi class-it won't be like aerobics, for instance.
The new place will be another of the Chi family's Little Rock dining ventures.