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CHISELChannel Initiated Secondary Electron (semiconductors)
CHISELComputer Human Interaction and Software Engineering Lab (University of Victoria; Canada)
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He was followed by Gebremarian who opened a bag he was carrying to reveal a sharpened chisel, and threatened the student: "I'll shank you up.
8 COLD CHISEL AND A BOLSTER These are invincible friends.
The best thing about a workbench is that it doesn't matter if you drill a hole through it or stab it with a chisel.
Cold Chisel will return to their home State to headline the Friday night Made in SA concert - personally hand-picking other SA-born acts to join them on stage, including Kasey Chambers and critically hailed rockers Bad//Dreems.
He said he froze when the frenzied killer - a 37-year-old Indian carpenter - charged towards him and plunged the chisel into his chest.
The Rev Liz Law, curate of Bildeston, said: "It looks like it's been done with a hammer and chisel.
Q Is there any problem with using a belt sander to sharpen chisels or cutting tools?
Therefore, based on results of this three-year field trial, combined application of gypsum and FM with chisel plough is recommended as an effective method for the amelioration of calcareous salt affected soils and enhancing the productivity of fodder beet in saline-sodic soil.
It seems entirely appropriate for the Chisel Fund to honour his name.
They're equally important, but let's talk about the back of your chisel first.
Born to a preacher father and a pianoplaying mother (she played at her husband's services) the young Chisel was exposed to gospel music but also to some of the major roots and rock influences - Cash, Dylan, Cohen, Waits, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke too.
22 November 2013 - US gaming startup Hammer & Chisel said it had secured USD8.