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CHISELChannel Initiated Secondary Electron (semiconductors)
CHISELComputer Human Interaction and Software Engineering Lab (University of Victoria; Canada)
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Away with your nonsense of oil and easels, of marble and chisels; except to open your eyes to the masteries of eternal art, they are hypocritical rubbish.
"Well, in the first place, here is my chisel." So saying, he displayed a sharp strong blade, with a handle made of beechwood.
But now he was fairly interested, and forgot all about chisels and bottled beer; while with very little encouragement Arthur launched into his home history, and the prayer-bell put them both out sadly when it rang to call them to the hall.
Chisel AI, a technology provider for the global insurance industry, has unveiled a product designed to help commercial insurers auto-route and auto-decline submissions.
That way, only the part that is defective comes out, then continue using the chisel to wedge out the rest of the pieces!' 'What happens with the hammer method they are following?' asked my host curiously.
The men use only a hammer and chisel to split the rock.
Chisel is an AI-based solution provider for the global insurance industry.
He was followed by Gebremarian who opened a bag he was carrying to reveal a sharpened chisel, and threatened the student: "I'll shank you up."
The process of crack-closure treatment can be approximately considered as a repeated impact process between the chisel and the target material, as shown in Figure 2.
7 COLD CHISEL AND A BOLSTER Two invincible friends.
The best thing about a workbench is that it doesn't matter if you drill a hole through it or stab it with a chisel. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment): As my Dad says: "It's all fun and games until someone pokes their eye out!" From personal experience, get yourself goggles and use them, no matter how uncomfortable they are.
He said he froze when the frenzied killer - a 37-year-old Indian carpenter - charged towards him and plunged the chisel into his chest.