CHISPACommunity Housing Improvement Systems and Planning Association (Salinas, CA)
CHISPACenter for Hispanic Policy and Advocacy (Providence, RI)
CHISPACarolina Hispanic Association
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The hero's rogue servant, Chispa, seemed to me, then and long afterwards, so fine a bit of Spanish character that I chose his name for my first pseudonym when I began to write for the newspapers, and signed my legislative correspondence for a Cincinnati paper with it.
Laura Dent is executive director of Chispa Arizona.
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Starring Jose Mota as unemployed and out-of-luck Roberto Gomez--an advertising executive who initially made it big by contributing to the marketing slogan of Coca Cola in Spain--La chispa works through the well-known narratives of post-2008 bubble economies.
Highly patriotic poems such as "28 de noviembre" and "3 de noviembre" commemorate Panama's independence while his race poems "Nieblas" and "Chispas" reveal an Afro-Hispanic identity that contradicts the accepted literary whiteness of the era.
"Tourists will rent them for an hour and take them around Fairhaven," Chispa's general manager James Pitzer said.
Then saunter over to its candlelit Chispa Tapas Bar.
Luckily, it is not necessary for Sturman to know what colours Legal Set, Chispa and Romil Star were wearing when Williams wore them in three races featured on "the list of 27".