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The distribution range of common leopard in the country includes hilly areas of Sindh (Kirthar hills), Balochistan (Toba Kakar range, Hingol National Park, district Uthal), Punjab (Salt Range, Kala Chitta Range, Margalla Hills to Murree Hills) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwah (Safed Koh, Takht-i-Suleiman, Swat, Kohistan, Dir, Chitral and Abbottabad) (Roberts, 1997).
Mining of Ruby is currently underway at two sites namely Chitta Katha and Nungi Mali in upper Neelum Valley by Azad Kashmir Mineral Industrial Development Corporation (AKMIDC).
Amongst these, Punjab Urial, Ovis vignei punjabiensis Lydekker 1913 is an important big-game species distributed in hilly tracts between rivers Jhelum and Indus up to an altitude of 1500 m in the Kala Chitta and Salt Ranges in province of the Punjab, Pakistan (Hess et al., 1997; Mirza et al., 1980; Aleem, 1977; Schellar and Mirza, 1974).
Adviser of the organisation Chitta Ranjan Das chaired the meeting that was addressed by AL Publicity and Publication Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud, Advocate Talukder Md Younus and film actress Natun, among others.
Aji calls this an image of mental creation and links it with what in yoga is called chitta vritti, or "mind chatter," the fluctuations of everyday consciousness.
We have also teamed up with Amar Chitta Katha to educate the children of the abhiyaan through comic books.
Input languages of many answer set solvers include other useful extensions of the basic language, such as aggregates (Faber, Leone, and Pfeifer 2004), weak constraints (Buccafuri, Leone, and Rullo 1997), consistency-restoring rules (Balduccini and Gelfond 2003), and P-log rules (Chitta, Gelfond, and Rushton 2009).
My paternal side, mostly 'rafoogars' (carpet menders), were based in Lohgarh and Chitta Katra (Inside Lahori Gate) areas.
Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor), our first character is an accidental rock star, who snorts the ' chitta' powder (cocaine) deep down into his nostrils to create music.
C'est le cas de l'excellent milieu de terrain du MC Alger, Chitta : [beaucoup moins que] Franchement, je ne tiens pas rancune aux supporters.
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