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CHL1Close Homologue of L1
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Gene name Fold change p value Process Gas2 12.27 0.001577852 Cytokinesis Tgfa 2.4 0.000103799 Growth factor Rapgef5 2.31 0.004103808 Ras activator Nuf2 2.24 0.002117132 Centromere Chl1 2.17 0.023016307 G2/M transition Top2a 2.04 0.002104745 DNA replication Cks2 1.92 0.007478331 CDK regulation Gins4 1.87 0.003569736 DNA replication Aspm 1.83 0.004862977 Spindle formation Cdk5r1 1.78 0.00289215 CDK regulation Prc1 1.75 0.005448853 Cytokinesis Kif2c 1.75 0.000350709 Centromere Dscc1 1.73 0.008438809 DNA replication Kif15 1.66 0.008896449 Microtubules Ncapd2 1.65 0.004007301 DNA condensation Prim1 1.58 0.001821116 DNA replication
analysis sequences (2008a) A ch1 CHL31 B ch2 CHL1 CHL17 CHL6 CHL36 CHL37 D ch3 HWIPLR001 ch4 PAQHAN001 ch5 HWIKIP005 E ch6 ch7 CHL23 CHL26 ch8 CHLARA001 CHL2 CHL21 CHL8 CHL25 CHL9 CHL27 CHL11 CHL28 CHL12 CHL30 CHL13 CHL33 CHL18 CHL35 CHL43 ch9 CHL10 CHL22 CHL29 ch10 CHL32 ch11 CHL24 Haplogroup Provisionally affiliated ancient Storey et al.
CHL1 and fls485 are 2 of these genes, which map within or close to the uveal melanoma susceptibility locus UVM2 at 3p25.