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The F test (Table 2) shows significant effect (p < 0.01) of irrigation water salinity levels on chlorophyll a (Chla) and chlorophyll b (Chlb).
According to Lambert-Beer law, The Chla, Chlb, Chls, and Carotenoids (Cars) were calculated.
Chlorophyll breakdown during plant senescence proceeds throughout the conversion of Chlb to Chla before entering the catabolic pathway (Pruzinska & al., 2005), resulting in a more than 100% Chla/b increase.
Tabela 2--Valores medios (mg de pigmentos [g.sup.-1] de materia fresca) do teor de clorofila a (Chla), clorofila b (Chlb), relacao entre clorofilas (Chla/Chlb), clorofila total (Chl T) e carotenoides totais (Car T) em cinco clones de seringueira, em diferentes meses apos o plantio (MAP), cultivados em Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP.
df LMA LWC Chl a Coverage 4 8.62 *** 3.01 * 4.98 ** Groups 1 2.09 (ns) 15.1 *** 30.9 *** Coverage 4 5.46 ** 3.17 * 5.55 ** x groups Chlb Chl a + b Chl a/b Coverage 2.67 * 3.71 * 1.55 (ns) Groups 5.94 * 3.52 (ns) 19.0 *** Coverage 3.03 * 1.32 (ns) 6.01 ** x groups * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, *** P < 0.001, (ns) Not significant.
In sugarcane plants submitted to irrigation with a 200 mM saline solution of NaCl, there was a decrease in the levels of Chla, Chlb, and carotenoids by 68.9, 70, and 49.8%, respectively, compared to the levels in the 0 mM concentration (Barreto et al., 2013).
Foram determinados os teores de clorofila a (Chla), clorofila b (Chlb), e carotenoides ([C.sub.c+x]) e, partir desses valores, foram calculados, na unidade de massa foliar, os teores de clorofila total ([]), a razao entre clorofila a e clorofila b (Chla/b) e a razao entre clorofila total e carotenoides ([]/[C.sub.c+x]).
where, Chla is the content of chlorophyll a, Chlb is the content of chlorophyll b, Chlt is the total chlorophyll, A663 is the absorbance at 663 nm, and A645 is the absorbance at 645 nm.
The same tendency was observed for relative water content % as well as photosynthetic pigments concentrations (chla, chlb, total chla and carotenoids).
Irrigation depths influenced leaf area (LA), total leaf phytomass (TLP), chlorophyll a (Chla), chlorophyll b (Chlb), carotenoids (CAR), total chlorophyll (Chlt), catalase (CAT), peroxidase (POD), yield (Y), oil content (OC), electrolyte leakage (EL), relative water content (RWC), at 0.01 probability level.