CHLICongressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (Washington, DC)
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The northern wall across the valley opens up and now you see the snow-capped peaks of the Chli' Ruchen and the Chalchschijen.
Interns attend weekly CHLI events, research, and mentoring/career counseling events.
For other forms of this stem in HLuw., see Hawkins, CHLI I, 98, 139, 343, 357.
(CHLI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Castle Harbour, was organized and required to hold cash essentially equal to 110% of the current value of the minimum return, ensuring that Castle Harbour would have the cash reserves needed to pay the minimum return.
Repayment of the minimum return did not depend on the partnership's operations, but was secured by CHLI's required cash reserves and GECC's personal guarantee.
Sul do-chonnorc fein do mharbh, A mhic Aodha na n-arm nocht, Truagh mar tharla croidhe am chli, No nach dall do bhi mo rose!
Le bas Crow agus Benn, ged a bhuineadh esan dha teaghlach beartach, 's e seachdain duilich a bh' ann dhan laimh chli ann am Breatainn.
In 2004, Diaz-Balart established the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI), a 501c3 non-profit to "promote diversity of thought in the Hispanic community." He was first elected to the Florida Legislature in 1986 by the largest margin of victory of any state representative in Florida.
Bha isean aig m' athair air a ghairdean chli, gobhlangaoithe le ribean na ghob.