CHLSChicano and Latino Studies (California State University, Long Beach)
CHLSCentre Hospitalier Lyon Sud (French: Center Hospital Lyon Sud)
CHLSCertificate in Homeland Security (Texas A&M; College Station, TX)
CHLSCholestasis-Lymphedema Syndrome
CHLSCombat Health Logistics System
CHLSCollege of Health and Life Sciences (Fort Hays State University; Kansas)
CHLSCambridge High & Latin School (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
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Table 5 shows students' responses regarding their interest in using CHLS to learn English.
Participants were also asked their opinions about the difficulty of the CHLS content (see Table 6).
When participants were asked to indicate the most significant advantage of CHLS English lessons from the options presented in Table 7, one quarter of the participants (25.
Subjects also mentioned a number of potential disadvantages of CHLS (see Table 8).
When asked "How many times would you use CHLS a week?
On both the open- and close-ended surveys, participants were asked if CHLS might possibly replace private tutoring.
In terms of the effect of the CHLS on students' English language learning, the results of the posttest suggest that practice with CHLS did not significantly improve participants' course performance.
The analysis of the posttest results of the lower, intermediate, and advanced groups suggests that CHLS English content was effective only to advanced students.
It is interesting to note that the half of the subjects answered that they were interested in learning CHLS and thought the English content was difficult for them.
Participants noted that difficulty in concentrating on learning was a disadvantage of CHLS English content; this result is similar to Lee and Lee's (2005) finding that students were unsatisfied with their ability to concentrate on CHLS.
As shown in the survey results, about 75% of the participants answered that they would use CHLS more than twice a week.
The classroom option of CHLS systems that have features of individual learning management might provide these advantages of tutoring to students, and e-learning systems may begin to replace traditional forms of private tutoring (Kwon et al.