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CHLTCerebral Hemodynamic Latency Time
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Among those selected five, three parameters were related to the body and ramus of the mandible, namely, the bigonial breadth (BGB) with an 'Fstatistic' value of 151.3 and a classification accuracy of 81.2 %; the left and right coronoid height (CHLt, CHRt) with an 'F-statistic' value and classification accuracy of 72.1, 75.7 % respectively for the first and an 'F-statistics' and classification accuracy of 53.4, 59.1 % respectively for the second.
DF = 0.320 * BGB + 0.244 * CHRt + 0.715 * CHLt + (- 0.626) * GA + 0.667 * D4 + 0.573 * D8
Summary of analysis of variance for leaf area (LA), total leaf phytomass (TLP), chlorophyll a (Chla), chlorophyll b (Chlb), carotenoid (CAR), total chlorophyll (Chlt), catalase (CAT), peroxidase (POD), yield (Y), oil content (OC), electrolyte leakage (EL), relative water content (RWC), in sesame genotypes subjected to different rates of water replacement at 90 days after sowing Mean square SV DF LA TLP Block 2 0.7379 (ns) 5.418 * Irrig.
Summary of the analysis of variance for the effects of irrigation water salinity (W) and leaching (L) on the electrical conductivity of the soil saturation extract (ECse), chlorophyll contents (CHLa, CHLb and total CHLT), chlorophyll a/b ratio (CHLa/CHLb), carotenoids (CAR), shoot dry matter (SDM) and root dry matter (RDM) of noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) Mean Square S V DF ECse CHLa Blocks 3 0.10ns 0.54ns Water (W) 4 162.28 ** 186.6 ** Leaching (L) 1 108.90 ** 26.50 ** WXL 4 7.83 ** 20.07 ** Linear (W) 1 610.51 ** 637.88 ** Quadr.