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The N-H stretching vibration at 3691 [cm.sup.-1], vivid -OH stretching vibration of alcohol which occurred at 3442 [cm.sup.-1] , N[H.sub.2] scissoring at 1639 [cm.sup.-1], C-N stretching vibration at 1103 [cm.sup.-1] as well as C-O vibrations at 1022 [cm.sup.-1] were peaks observed in CHMK (Figure 3c).
Effect of initial concentration on PNP adsorption onto RK, CYMK and CHMK
Surface modification also enhanced adsorption efficiency and CHMK gave the highest performance with about 43% performance increase when compared with RK.
Effect of contact time on PNP adsorption onto RK, CYMK and CHMK
Highest quantity of PNP adsorbed by RK, CYMK and CHMK were 1.155 mg/g, 1.258 mg/g and 1.651 mg/g, respectively.
Effects of pH on PNP adsorption onto RK, CYMK and CHMK
Quantity adsorbed varied between 1.16 to 0.87 mg/g, 1.26 to 1.11 mg/g and 1.65 to 1.20 mg/g for RK, CYMK and CHMK respectively across the pH considered.
Through UGC-INFONET consortium KUL, MGUL and CHMK library get access to equal number of e-journals, but CUSATL in addition to UGC-INFONET has membership in INDEST consortium.
KUL and CHMK library have least number of scanners.
The standard deviation is the square root of expression (A.3) in Box A; z is the probability integral transform of the inflation outcome in the forecast distribution; (4): annual percentage growth in quarterly RPIX, ONS code CHMK. Table 2.
Mechel may pledge 20% in ChMK as collateral for USD 2.1 bn syndicated load.
Mechel shareholders are to convene for a meeting on September 15 to consider pledging 20% in Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (ChMK) as collateral for USD 219.4 mn and EUR 192 mn loans raised from BNP Paribas S.A.