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CHMLChild Meal
CHMLCenter High Mounted Light (automobile third brake light)
CHMLCytotropic Heterogeneous Molecular Lipid (cancer treatment)
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The initial success of Sheen's program may have prompted Tom Darling, station manager at CHML, to nudge Meehan about approaching Ken Soble, the owner of both CHML and CHCH-TV, the new Hamilton television station, to inquire "just how you can do something of interest to listeners and viewers on television." (40) Three years later on 2 December 1956, Meehan's first television show aired on CHCH-TV.
(49) He continued to explore the changes forged by the Council on CHML and CHCH with a 1965 series entitled What's New with Vatican Two.
Undaunted by new technology and fads in broadcasting, Meehan undertook the challenge of a phone-in talk show on CHML and a television talk show.
Private AM radio stations like CHML had so increased in size, numbers and wealth following the Second World War that their assets were three times those of the CBC and, unlike the CBC, bad a strong local presence.