CHMMcoupled hidden Markov model
CHMMCommunity Housing Managers of Manitoba (Manitoba Metis Federation; Canada)
CHMMChemistry with Management
CHMMContinuous Hidden Markov Model
CHMMCertified Hazardous Materials Manager (IHMM)
CHMMCommonwealth Health Ministers Meeting
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If a CHMM certification will be required, such certification should require both a CHMM and PE certification, or the supervision of the CHMM by a PE.
Lu Engineers Environmental Division Leader Steve Campbell, CHMM states that "the driving force behind the firm's 30 years of success is greatly attributed to the retention of experienced and dedicated professionals.
Regina Carriere, CSP, CEP, CHMM, is an active member of the ISO 14000 Technical Advisory Group on Environmental Systems.
Roughton, CSP (certified safety professional), CHMM (certified hazardous materials manager), is area program manager for occupational safety and industrial hygiene for EMCON Corporation, Norcross, Georgia.
Later on June 17, Chris Jenkins, PhD, MPH, RBP, CHMM, the WCG senior director of IBC services and biosafety consulting, will participate in a symposium entitled, "Human Gene Therapy: Biosafety to Bedside.
CHMM is an environmental scientist at The Dragun Corp.
CHMM (certified hazardous material manager), is protective services manager at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Mark Denton, CET, CHMM, REP, formerly with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and an associate Professor at UT, will continue to lead the company's R&D Center in Oak Ridge, TN.
Roughton, CSP (certified safety professional), CHMM (certified hazardous materials manager), is the regional safety and health manager for IT Corporation in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.
He went on to get his CSP and CHMM certifications in safety and hazardous materials management.
CONTACT: Richard Gioscia, CIH, CSP, CQM, CHMM, Vice President of Environment, Safety, and Quality of ECC, +1-303-298-7607, or Fax, +1-303-298-7837, RGioscia@ecc.