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CHMSCertified Home Marketing Specialist (real estate agent certification)
CHMSChurch Management Software
CHMSChurch Management System
CHMSChapel Hill Middle School (Douglasville, Georgia)
CHMSCarl Hankey Middle School (California)
CHMSChestnut Hill Middle School (Liverpool, New York)
CHMSColorado Housing and Mortgage Services (mortgage company)
CHMSCenter for Human-Machine Studies (Greensboro, NC)
CHMSComplaints Handling Management System (India)
CHMSColleyville Heritage Middle School (Colleyvile, TX)
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CHMs are purely androgenetic conceptions (only paternal genetic material is present) and usually diploid (2 paternal chromosome complements without a maternal chromosome complement) (16); most result from fertilization of an ovum devoid of maternal genetic material by a single sperm that duplicates (monospermy; ~85%), (17-19) but a subset is due to fertilization by 2 sperm (dispermy).
In this paper, the authors provide an analysis and discussion of the hepatotoxicity of CHM. They also include a global overview of herbal-induced liver injury (HILI), current research progress on toxic CHM, diagnosis and treatment of HILI, and modern approaches and technologies used to study hepatotoxicity.
Responses for each of the seven CHMs were scored as "0" for not ideal or "1" for meeting the ideal of that individual metric based on self-reported responses to questions about whether or not the respondent had ever been told by a health care provider that he or she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.
With the increased use of high resolution ultrasonography in early pregnancy, the diagnosis and sub-classification of hydatidiform moles have become more difficult, as CHMs are now commonly evacuated at an earlier stage and before the development of classical morphologic and histologic features.
Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra of the CHMs and the cross-linked PDMS membrane without the SR-FVI as well as other materials were measured by using a Bruker EQUINX 55 spectrometer.
Eighty nine of them with Complete Hydatiform Mole (CHM) diagnosis and six of them with Partial Hydatiform Mole (PHM).
CHMS & ALP brings three decades of innovation in design, development, technology, validation, and regulatory science to each project.
Under the pact, a subsidiary of MedCare Technologies Inc., and CHMS will offer each other's services to the pharmaceutical industry across the country.
Characteristic 14 CHMs 14 NCHMs Total population (1989) 463,657 397,588 Mean population 28,399 33,118 Population density 611.2 600.4 (per [km.sup.2]) Population served by 96.1 1.5 chlorinating water (%) White collar (%)(a) 25.4 24.8 Blue collar (%)(b) 24.6 22.2 Agriculture (%)(c) 50.0 53.0
Additionally, to understand the role of core CHMs for endometriosis, the potential pharmacologic mechanisms were reviewed and summarized in Table 5 (last assessed date: 29/12/2016).