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CHNOCarbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen (chemical elements)
CHNOCharity Hospital New Orleans
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hospitalization at CHNO for antibiotic treatment of the neck abscess; and
It is notable that there was no significant difference in the total number of patient admissions to CHNO between the two periods (table 3).
The results of our study indicate that there was a statistically significant increase in the incidence of MRSA in pediatric neck abscesses at CHNO over time.
While some studies have revealed a change in the resistance patterns of MRSA, (7,8) our study found no such change at CHNO over time.
This editor uses a CHNO algorithm, which provides standard functionalities such as minimum/maximum elemental range, electron configuration, and ring-plus double-bond equivalents, as well as a sophisticated comparison of the theoretical with the measured isotope pattern (sigma value) for increased confidence in the suggested molecular formula.
The shale oil samples were analyzed for CHNO using a Vario EL cube CHNOS elemental analyzer (Elementar, Germany), and for the total sulfur content by a Jena EA3100 NS analyzer (Carl Zeiss, Germany).
While in his late 40s, Ricard gathered together a group of local businessmen in 1947 to create CHNO - the first bilingual radio station outside of Quebec.
Elemental composition (wt %) by CHN Analyzer was carried out by Fision EA 1108 CHNO Analyzer.