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Research supported by CHNR is highlighted in this special issue.
The company chairman and chief executive officer, Li Feilie, said, 'Pineboom is the second coal mine acquisition in our continued development of CHNR's coal business.
This EF is located in the low part of CHNR, at 2350masl.
Dominguez (PRONATURA--Chiapas) for allowing access to the CHNR. Financial support was obtained through subsidies of the Mexican Federal Government (1997-1998) to El Colegio de la Frontera Sur.
Established in 2006, CHNR was initially supported by the Vitamin Case Consumer Settlement fund.
'Our goal was to leverage the settlement funding to make a much larger impact on improving health in California,' says CHNR co-director Carl Keen, a UC Davis nutrition professor.
'The research went from the cellular level all the way to applications to human health, to the great benefit of the Center,' says CHNR administrator Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, a UC Davis Cooperative Extension nutrition specialist.
Findings from CHNR projects have been incorporated into the research-based nutrition information and guidelines that are disseminated through the CHNR website.
The CHNR pilot projects focused on how micronutrients, biofactors and phytochemicals can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
CHNR research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids could reduce asthma symptoms (page 112) as well as kidney damage (page 106).
For example, CHNR research shows that soybeans contain estrogenlike compounds called isoflavones that may protect against heart disease (page 118), and that phytochemicals in olive oil and red wine may protect against heart disease and diabetes (pages 136 and 141).
The company chairman and chief executive officer, Li Feilie, said, 'The completion of our acquisition of Newhold is a milestone in the development of CHNR's coal business.