CHOHChristian Homeschoolers of Hawaii
CHOHChesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
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M - CHOH - C[H.sub.3] [right arrow] M - CHO - C[H.sub.3] + [H.sup.+] + [e.sup.-] (2)
Principales acidos de la uva y vino Acido Estructura molecular Peso Peso molecular equivalente Tartarico COOH-(CHOH)2-COOH 150,1 75 Malico COOH-CH2-CHOH-COOH 134,1 67 Citrico CH2-COOH-CHOCOOH-CH2COOH 192,1 64 Lactico COOH-CHOH-CH3 90,1 90 Succinico CH2-COOH-CH2- COOH 118,1 59 Acetico CH3-COOH 60,1 60 Acido Pka1 Pka2 Tartarico 3,04 4,34 Malico 3,46 5,1 Citrico 3,13 4,74 Lactico 3,86 -- Succinico 4,21 5,64 Acetico 4,75 -- Valores de pka a 25 [grados]C Fuente: Adaptado de Margalit (1997).
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(8.) Linabery AM, Nahhas RW, Johnson W, Choh AC, Towne B, Odegaard AO, Czerwinski SA, Demerath EW.
In 1961, Lim Chin Siong together with Lee Siew Choh broke away from the PAP to form the Barisan Sosalis (Socialist Front).
Barisan Sosialis leader, Lee Siew Choh's own son was a conscientious objector who was fined for failing to register (Straits Times, 20 September and 12 October 1969).
C[H.sub.2]OH - CHOH - C[H.sub.2]OH + 2NaI[O.sub.4] [flecha diestra] HCOOH + 2HCHO + 2NaI[O.sub.3] + [H.sub.2]O Ec.
On 8 October, the police detained an Indian and a Chinese woman who were suspected of aiding the guerrillas in Chetty Estate at Sungai Choh, Rawang.
Choh, "Comparison of memory effect between YMn[O.sub.3] and Sr[Bi.sub.2][Ta.sub.2][O.sub.9] ferroelectric thin films deposited on Si substrates," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
The head of the unit, Celia Choh, said that the expanded local presence was integrated into their global platform and that it leveraged on the bank's market experience and expertise.
The first example is the isopropanol molecule: [(C[H.sub.3]).sub.2] CHOH, which has been confirmed to exist in two rotational isomers, trans and gauche, with respect to the dihedral angle between the C-O-H and the H-C-O planes.