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CHOICESConsortium for Health Outcomes, Innovation, and Cost Effectiveness Studies
CHOICESChildren Have Opportunities in Inclusive Community Environments and Schools (community education program)
CHOICESChildren's Healthcare Options Improved through Collaborative Efforts and Services
CHOICESComputerized Heuristic Occupational Information and Career Exploration System (Employment and Immigration Canada)
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Super choice: 'Shallow' from 'A Star Is Born' by Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, Andrew Wyatt and Benjamin Rice
So, just like Megan Murphy, Emma Watson, Chimamanda and every real feminist out there fighting for the emancipation of the female folks and gender equality, the movement demands for real choices for women and wants to change the system within which those choices are made, and would not just be satisfied with the use of the language of choice to perpetuate the present oppressive system or to simply comfort women.
How students perceive their choices explains why some are motivated to learn and others are not.
Figure 1 begins with the "many choices to make," that is the hundreds of decisions that you, as a manager, must face and cope with in order to adapt to the accelerating pace of business and the resulting changes in the competitive landscape.
Even intrapersonal success (i.e., self-satisfaction, happiness, and contentment) is influenced by the choices you make and by the way you approach and the way you react to the choices you've made.
MOST Teesside children will be going to the primary school of their choice this September.
The first explanation involves cultural identity and choice. Iyengar (2010) claimed, "Our cultural backgrounds influence not only who we marry but how we make choices in nearly every area of our lives" (p.
And yet, who am I to tell another woman that she isn't empowered or that she isn't really making her choices freely?
"Our new BRight Choices flavors are perfect for customers who are looking for a lighter treat but still crave Baskin-Robbins quality ice cream."
Individual autonomy in matters of personal choice, including the choice to live or die, is the libertarian ideal.