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CHOMPCommunity Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (Monterey, CA)
CHOMPChallengers Helping Obtain the Majority Program (est. 2006; Republican party)
CHOMPChampions of the Mac Proletariat (Apple user group)
CHOMPChallengers Helping Our Majority Party
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STRATEGIC STEALTH Chomp was invented in the early 1970s by mathematician and economist David Gale of the University of California, Berkeley.
Chomp manufactures Yip Yap breath fresheners for dogs, Sniffers dog candy and Pit'r Pat breath fresheners in several sizes.
In September, Verizon Wireless and Chomp announced that Chomp's app search engine will power all searches on Android[TM] smartphones at the end of 2011.
a free Cadbury Selection Pack containing treatsize Buttons, treat-size Flake, Chomp, treat-size Crunchie and Fudge bar
Chomp Chomp is a music CD for young people, chock full of fantasy, history, feelings, and just plain fun.
Of course, Drasner thinks Sniffers and other Chomp brands, including Yip Yap breath fresheners and Pit 'R Pat, deserve that spot.
Robo's opening act: It hoisted a car and took a big chomp with its jaw.
O'Donnell did note a tendency for wasps on the receiving end of a chomp to start some task soon afterward.
He joined the string section to chomp along to a track on Rings Around The World.
Guys get together and chomp 'em, smoke 'em, compare sizes, watch women with them in their mouths, even have their own magazines about them with Excalibur centerfolds.
Then I heard, 'Chomp, chomp, chomp', and felt it go through my skull.