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CHOPChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
CHOPChannel Operator
CHOPChange in Operational Control
CHOPChange of Operational Control (US DoD)
CHOPC/Ebp-Homologous Protein
CHOPChannel Operator (IRC)
CHOPChief Operator
CHOPCountermeasures Hands-On Program
CHOPConfiguring, Healing, Optimizing and Protecting (computing; IBM)
CHOPChange of Operations
CHOPCytoxan, Hydroxyrubicin (Adriamycin), Oncovin (Vincristine), Prednisone (chemotherapy regimine)
CHOPChange of/In Operational Control/Command
CHOPChange of Operational Plan
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So he took a chop by the bone in one hand, and a potato in the other, and ate away with a very good appetite, to my extreme satisfaction.
He brought me some chops, and vegetables, and took the covers off in such a bouncing manner that I was afraid I must have given him some offence.
The engagement commenced with about two hundred chops administered by the short sailor and the tall sailor alternately, without producing any particular result, until the short sailor was chopped down on one knee; but this was nothing to him, for he worked himself about on the one knee with the assistance of his left hand, and fought most desperately until the tall sailor chopped his sword out of his grasp.
"But there's always post-holes to dig, and cordwood to chop, and the climate's fine .
Bounderby stayed her, by holding a mouthful of chop in suspension before swallowing it, and putting out his left hand.
Her mouth opened, the saliva drooled forth, and she licked her chops with the pleasure of anticipation.
At 7 o'clock the coffee was made and the frying-pan was on the back of the stove hot and ready to cook the chops.
The definitive history of chop suey appeared in Andrew Cole's Fall 2017 American Heritage magazine article titled: "Mixed Bits: The True History of Chop Suey" (
Moist and juicy, tender Specially Selected Pork chop that's high in protein with a delicious crunchy coating to give an amazing contrast of textures.
However, their plans to open the first Chop and Wok outside of Birmingham appeared to be dented, as the application was refused by Coventry City Council's planning officers.
INGREDIENTS: 2 large chump lamb chops Small piece of celery 1/4 small onion One button mushroom, finely chopped 1/2 to one chicken liver Breadcrumbs Chopped parsley One egg METHOD 1.