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I had remembered the wall in the fencing-room decorated with trophies of cold steel in all the civilized and savage forms; sheaves of assegais, in the guise of columns and grouped between them stars and suns of choppers, swords, knives; from Italy, from Damascus, from Abyssinia, from the ends of the world.
It was cracked deliberately, with the kitchen chopper, at that special place; and I myself heard the hammering and did not understand it.
Take them away," she commanded the guard, "and at six o'clock run them through the meat chopper and start the soup kettle boiling.
Once," said Dorothy, "I knew a man made out of tin, who was a woodman named Nick Chopper.
He was a skilful chopper, and indulged in some flourishes and ornaments in his art.
Chopper as you go through the City to-morrow; he'll have something for you.
Chopper, does not like the looks of 'em, and he's an old file, and knows 'Change as well as any man in London.
Chopper, his father's head man, and received from that gentleman a document which he exchanged at Hulker & Bullock's for a whole pocketful of money.
I tarried till the mouths of my hounds were deafened by the blows of the chopper, and then I came west in search of quiet.
Look around you, men; what will the Yankee Choppers say, when they have cut their path from the eastern to the western waters, and find that a hand, which can lay the
Dave has also received the support of Team Sky manager Sir Dave Brailsford, who tried out his Chopper.
Description: This recall involves a nut chopper sold by Avon.