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CHOPSCold Heavy Oil Production with Sand
CHOPSChief Operations
CHOPSConveying and Handling of Particulate Solids (conference)
CHOPSCheck Operator Services (Nokia phone error)
CHOPSControlled Humidity Operational Preservation System
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'Lord bless my soul!' he exclaimed, 'I didn't know they were chops. Why, a chop's the very thing to take off the bad effects of that beer!
So he took a chop by the bone in one hand, and a potato in the other, and ate away with a very good appetite, to my extreme satisfaction.
The engagement commenced with about two hundred chops administered by the short sailor and the tall sailor alternately, without producing any particular result, until the short sailor was chopped down on one knee; but this was nothing to him, for he worked himself about on the one knee with the assistance of his left hand, and fought most desperately until the tall sailor chopped his sword out of his grasp.
Even in the daylight he did not dare leave the fire to chop fresh wood.
"But there's always post-holes to dig, and cordwood to chop, and the climate's fine .
Bounderby stayed her, by holding a mouthful of chop in suspension before swallowing it, and putting out his left hand.
"Now I must either bundle it back in to my tin kitchen to mold, pay for printing it myself, or chop it up to suit purchasers and get what I can for it.
A simple dip of the chops into flour and beaten egg and the crumb sticks beautifully, then it's a quick seal in the pan to crisp the crumb then finished in the oven.
Use a sharp knife to score through the fat and silver skin of the pork, making two cuts about 2 inches apart in each chop (do not cut into meat of chops).
Put chops in a shallow bowl or tray, pour marinade over, turning chops to make sure they are coated all over and leave to stand for at least 30 mins.
Stuff liver and vegetable mixture into the groove of the chop. Dip chops in eggs and into a plate of breadcrumbs until the meat is coated.
Once the ingredients are completely combined together, add the lamb chops to the marinade and coat, using your hands to mix.