CHOPTCharterer's Option (shipping)
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Marsh said Chopt's shipping costs jumped 20 percent versus last year.
6912 Three Chopt Road, Suite B, Richmond, Virginia 23226
Instead, he has Talus, his alter ego, slice off surrogate parts instead: he her suppliant hands, those hands of gold, And eke her feete, those feete of siluer trye, Which sought vnrighteousnesse, and iustice sold, Chopt off, and nayld on high, that all might them behold (
'he obliged all the negroes to come upon deck, where they persisted in their resolution of not taking food; he caused the sailors to lay hold upon one of the most obstinate, and chopt the poor creature into small pieces, forcing some of the others to eat a part of the mangled body, withal swearing to the survivors, that he would use them all, one after another, in the same manner, if they did not consent to eat.' (25)
Those three words, chopt all in one Is carnifex: that signifieth hangman.
The Oaklea Press, 6912 Three Chopt Rd., Suite B, Richmond, VA 23226.
[...] Marrie this I must let thee vnderstand, that [...] I haue left the lewde, I haue chosen the chaste: I haue weeded away all wanton and woorthlesse woordes: I haue pared away all pernicious patches: I haue chipt & chopt of all beastly boughes and branches, all filthy and fulsome phrases.
Shakespeare uses the term twice: `a little, leane, old, chopt, bald Shot' (2 Henry IV III.ii.275) and guard of chosen Shot' (1 Henry VI I.iv.53).
is the one-bank holding company for First Capital Bank, a community bank with eight branches in Innsbrook, Chesterfield Towne Center, near Willow Lawn on Staples Mill Road, in Ashland, at Three Chopt and Patterson in Henrico County, at the James Center in downtown, Richmond, and in Bon Air, Chesterfield County and inside the Village at Swift Creek Kroger store.