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A still duskier place is this, with such low ponderous beams above, and such old wrinkled planks beneath, that you would almost fancy you trod some old craft's cockpits, especially of such a howling night, when this corner-anchored old ark rocked so furiously.
Yes, the squire is right; for if-so-be that he wasn’t, how is it that the seventh son always is a doctor, whether he ships for the cockpit or not?
But now the whole atmosphere was the Seat of War, and every land a cockpit.
Simultaneously Lieutenant Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick vaulted nimbly out of the cockpit on the opposite side of his plane, calling to the girl to follow his example.
Numa, unaccustomed to the idiosyncrasies of construction of an airship and having gained the forward cockpit, watched the girl clamber out of his reach without at first endeavoring to prevent her.
Almost immediately both were horrified to see Numa leap from the cockpit and advance upon Tarzan.
The water still poured in, and perforce we doubled up in the cockpit and tossed it out again.
They're warning the others," said George, the remaining patrolman, as he stood beside me in the cockpit.
He locked with Nelson in the cockpit of the Reindeer, and in the mix-up barely escaped being brained by an iron bar wielded by irate French Frank--irate because a two-handed man had attacked a one- handed man.
So the strife settled down into a personal affair between Flashman and our youngsters--a war to the knife, to be fought out in the little cockpit at the end of the bottom passage.
point of the island, I was perfectly confounded and amazed; nor is it possible for me to express the horror of my mind at seeing the shore spread with skulls, hands, feet, and other bones of human bodies; and particularly I observed a place where there had been a fire made, and a circle dug in the earth, like a cockpit, where I supposed the savage wretches had sat down to their human feastings upon the bodies of their fellow-creatures.
Tulliver himself, with his general view of law as a cockpit, might not, under opposite circumstances, have seen a fine appropriateness in the truth that "Wakem was Wakem"; since I have understood from persons versed in history, that mankind is not disposed to look narrowly into the conduct of great victors when their victory is on the right side.