CHPCCenter for High Performance Computing
CHPCCertified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (Health Care Compliance Association)
CHPCCitizens Housing and Planning Council (New York, NY)
CHPCCalifornia Housing Partnership Corporation (est. 1988)
CHPCCamp Hill Presbyterian Church (Camp Hill, PA)
CHPCCommunity Housing Partners Corporation (various locations)
CHPCCollege Hill Presbyterian Church (various locations)
CHPCChartered Professional Coach (Coaches of Canada)
CHPCCarrier-Hopping Prime Codes
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Through its subsidiaries, CHPC designs, produces and delivers station antenna systems for wireless communication.
Describes the need for a CHPC model to coordinate the Army public health system.
Kealey mentioned that the list of witnesses that the CHPC are consulting is online, and that CCLH members should evaluate it.
(ROSITA sits in a chair across from them and pretends to be tickling--dando carinos--The baby) (chpc)
Patient care is further coordinated by CHPC's partnership with a local pharmacy, which provides all prescriptions and deliveries for hospice-covered medications.
Comprehensive descriptions of the CBBR can be found in several publications on various work and studies conducted on Cat Ba Island (Jepson and Tran, 2000; Viet and Lin, 2001; Nguyen et al., 2002; CHPC, 2005; Brooks, 2006; Dawkins, 2007).
I also thank the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) at the University of Utah for an allocation of computer time and Dr.
Sun Microsystems has initiated the roll out of South Africa's largest high performance computing solution at the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) in Cape Town, with local partners Eclipse Networks and Breakpoint Solutions.
Combined heat, power, and cooling (CHPC) applications are a second promising early market for LDACs.
In 1992, these discussions resulted in the founding of the Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America (CHPC), a joint project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS).
A USD2m 14-teraflop Blue Gene/P system is being donated by computer company IBM (NYSE:IBM) to the Meraka Institute, which will be hosted by the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) in Cape Town, South Africa, in an attempt to generate scientific and socio-economic progress in the region.