CHPPMCenter for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (US Army)
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Fort Campbell collection records include 90 adult specimens captured in New Jersey light traps from 1963 to 1987 (CHPPM, personal communication; E.
In 1987, 63 specimens were collected by New Jersey light traps on Fort Campbell (CHPPM, personal communication), but none have been collected since that time.
nigripalpus, had been previously reported by the United States Army in Fort Campbell collection records (CHPPM, personal communication).
Raw, pretreated, and reject water qualities from 6 different Army and contractor-operated water treatment operations were evaluated by CHPPM over a 6-month period in Iraq.
The PM-PAWS, Army Test and Evaluation Command, VS, and CHPPM jointly tested and evaluated the system at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, in Germany, and at Forward Operating Base Delta in Iraq, and determined its use was feasible.
"Additionally, the CHPPM is developing a suicide-intervention and risk-assessment training program for leaders that's scheduled to be completed in 2008.
"The loss of any one American Soldier's life is a tragedy, regardless of the reason," said CHPPM's COL Dennis Dingle.
CHPPM surveyed environmental conditions to determine the potential for both short- and long-term health implications on the force.
The CJTF developed its guidance about ten months into Operation Enduring Freedom, using Annex L, the EBS, and the CHPPM survey.
As a direct result of the efforts and analyses conducted by the Workgroup, in July 2009, the Commander, MEDCOM directed the establishment of the APHC, comprised of missions and resources from the CHPPM and the Army Veterinary Command.
On August 28, 2009, the Commander, CHPPM signed a charter to form an APHC Transition Team consisting of an executive board, steering committee, and a core team to serve as an advisory team and conduct the necessary staff analyses to fully establish the APHC.
When the Army Environmental Hygiene Agency transformed to become the CHPPM in 1994, a number of new missions were added to consolidate central support to operational and garrison units in several preventive medicine arenas, including epidemiology and health promotion.