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CHPSCollaborative for High Performance Schools
CHPSCertified in Healthcare Privacy and Security
CHPSCenter for Health Policy Studies (healthcare consulting firm with offices in New York, Maryland, and Illinois)
CHPSCalifornia High Performance School
CHPSCombat Hybrid Power System
CHPSCenter for Health Policies and Services
CHPSCanadian Health Professionals Secretariat
CHPSChiatech Password Security
CHPSCommunity Health Plan of the Siskiyous
CHPSCherry Hill Public Schools (New Jersey)
CHPSCommunity Health Planning Services
CHPSCommunity Health Promotion Specialist
CHPSCentre for Health, Psychology and Society
CHPSCoordination Humaniste des Professionnels de Santé
CHPSCommercial Hardcopy Printing System
CHPSCoalition of Health Professions Students
CHPSCritical History of Poetry Series
CHPSCampbell Hospital Proposed Strategy (Australia)
CHPSChapel Hill Preservation Society (Chapel Hill, NC)
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US Medical Innovations said that the technology behind the CHPS decreases tissue damage, perioperative blood loss, operative time, blood transfusion rates, and helps surgeons perform total knee replacements without the use of a tourniquet.
The CHPS rating system certifies schools as being "high-performance" and awards points for energy efficiency, water conservation, natural lighting, thermal comfort, noise control, and ease of operation (to ensure the building is maintained well), among other features.
The CHPS, formed in 1991, is a registered charity and has a network of carers, including doctors and nurses, across Teesside and North Yorkshire.
The CHPS analysis reveals that the primary problems related to drugs experienced by the elderly are lack of adequate access to medically required prescriptions and the heavy burden resulting from not having insurance coverage for drugs.
Ministry of Health teams from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone have come to Ghana to observe CHPS in action, as they begin to implement similar nation-wide programs.
Another section spells out codes and procedures established by California's CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) program, which are even more stringent than LEED requirements.
Bowen, MA, RHIA, CHPS, SSGB, and Past President of The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), has joined the company to serve as the Senior Vice President of HIM and Privacy Officer.
Under the state's new CHPS guidelines, both the renovation and addition will include innovative measures to conserve energy and improve the health of the school's students and staff.
We are very proud of our accomplishments this year and excited that our CHPS design verified P.
It was also the first modular building design in the country to be certified by CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools).