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CHPSCollaborative for High Performance Schools
CHPSCivilian Health Promotion Services (US Air Force)
CHPSCertified in Healthcare Privacy and Security
CHPSCenter for Health Policy Studies (healthcare consulting firm with offices in New York, Maryland, and Illinois)
CHPSCalifornia High Performance School
CHPSCombat Hybrid Power System
CHPSCenter for Health Policies and Services
CHPSCanadian Health Professionals Secretariat
CHPSChapel Hill Preservation Society (Chapel Hill, NC)
CHPSChiatech Password Security
CHPSCommunity Health Plan of the Siskiyous
CHPSCherry Hill Public Schools (New Jersey)
CHPSCommunity Health Planning Services
CHPSCommunity Health Promotion Specialist
CHPSCentre for Health, Psychology and Society
CHPSCoordination Humaniste des Professionnels de Santé
CHPSCommercial Hardcopy Printing System
CHPSCoalition of Health Professions Students
CHPSCritical History of Poetry Series
CHPSCampbell Hospital Proposed Strategy (Australia)
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Dispelling rumours, fears and apprehensions about this provision giving a fillip to "quackery" in the country, he said that a false impression is being created that the provision for CHPs has been made to legalise quacks.
(15,34,35) Data on the number of demarcated CHPS zones in various regions was based on extrapolation from the CHPS policy (1500 population or 750 households per CHPS zone) (14) using population estimates (see equation I).
CHPS as a national health reform, mobilises volunteerism, resources and traditional institutions to support community-based primary healthcare.
When hyperperfusion reaches symptomatic state, CHPS is characterized by unilateral headache, facial, and ocular pain, seizures, and focal neurological signs [4, 5].
The US FDA-registered CHPS is a smart multi-functional electrosurgical handpiece, which delivers a precise beam less than 1.0mm in diameter and a depth of injury as low as 0.1mm.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Speaking on behalf of all 77 provincial heads, CHP Ankara provincial head Adnan Keskin said the party administration must adhere to the normal calendar for the party congress, which is planned to be held in January 2016.
Efforts to increase geographical access to health care have been executed through the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) program, a national health policy initiative aiming to accelerate progress toward achieving MDGs 4 and 5 (21).
At the event, NYSERDA led a discussion focused on Combined Heat and Power systems (CHPs), which, during normal operation, generate a portion of the building's electricity and hot water, reducing energy costs.
The NCO tells the commander he is currently seeing four civilian health care providers (CHPs): (6) a primary care physician, a neurologist, a pain management specialist, and a psychiatrist.
Per CHPS, low-emitting materials were used throughout the project to minimize pollutants.
The latter is a DEGA subsidiary that owns and operates the existing 30MW CHPs that provide heat and power to Industrial Park Noginsk, 30 miles east of Moscow.