CHPVCharles Hodge Photography and Video Production (Suffolk, East Anglia, England, UK)
CHPVCodman-Hakim Programmable Valves (neurological device)
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Responses of laboratories participating in the CHPV program from 2011 through 2014 were summarized and analyzed.
Overall participation in the CHPV program increased during the study period, with 502 laboratories participating in 2011, 571 laboratories participating in 2012, 630 laboratories participating in 2013, and 695 laboratories participating in 2014.
The Figure shows trends in using different testing platforms for the CHPV program during the study period.
Detection of CHPV RNA was done by RT PCR in acute serum samples and CSF according to the method described earlier (3).
They were transported in plastic jars, identified, pooled, stored at -70[degrees]C until processed and tested for CHPV RNA by RT-PCR (13).
CHPV RNA was detected in both CSF and serum specimens of 2 cases.
The growth kinetics of CHPV in Vero E6 cell line is given in Fig.
Sensitivity of different cell lines to CHPV: PP-9 cell line was observed as the most sensitive cell line to CHPV infection when a different study was carried out to determine the most sensitive cell line among PP-9 cells, Vero E6 and RD cell lines using IFA as the assay system.
CHPV sequences representing 3 encephalitis cases, including 1 fatal case (patient 2, Table) and 2 febrile cases, were compared.
Overall, different CHPV isolates were not very divergent from each other.
CHPV survey results from 2008 through 2010 were summarized and analyzed.
Laboratories enrolled in CHPV performed well using all media and methods in the first 3 years of the CAP proficiency testing program.