CHPWCommunity Health Plan of Washington
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As a partner, Health Integrated understood our performance needs and immediately went to work to support them," said Lance Hunsinger, CEO for CHPW.
Additionally, Health Integrated helped CHPW decrease overall member and provider complaints.
We're proud to count CHPW among our Safety Net Health Plan members.
We are honored that CHPW chose us to support them with their strategic objectives around costs, quality and member satisfaction," said Shan Padda, chairman and chief executive officer of Health Integrated.
According to Natasha Rosenblatt, MPH, Systems Analyst for CHPW, "We selected CarePlanner because of its clinically-driven design.
CHPW is the state's largest managed care provider for the state's "Basic Health" plan and is a leader in serving the state's Medicaid enrollees.