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CHQChild Health Questionnaire
CHQChautauqua Airlines
CHQCorporation d'Hébergement du Québec (French housing development corporation; Canada)
CHQCold Heading Quality (wire manufacturing)
CHQChinese Health Questionnaire
CHQChania, Crete Island, Greece - Souda (Airport Code)
CHQCamping Headquarters (Philmont Scout Ranch)
CHQChurch Headquarters
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12) Practitioners of CHQ C2 must be able to think beyond their tactical "family of origin" weapons systems and understand how the various joint and coalition forces can fit together into a coherent scheme of maneuver.
Just as one must understand aerodynamics, engineering, thermodynamics, computer science, and more when designing and operating aircraft, so must people who design and operate C2 systems grasp the organizational theories and concepts inherent to CHQ C2.
These people, processes, and tools of CHQ C2 bring predictability, rigor, and discipline to the air tasking cycle, which is very important to a process in which seemingly minute details can often have a disproportionately large impact on effectiveness during execution.
Considering that the two chlorinated derivatives had a similar metabolism, overall consideration to the mixture of the two radioactive substances and expressed radioactive residues in tissues per million parts of CHQ were given.
CHQ was eliminated both in free and conjugated forms, and undergoes limited dechlorination.
CHQ was first synthesised in Germany by Bayer Corporation in 1934 as a cheaper alternative to the costly naturally occurring quinine, but was then considered toxic for any significant biological use (13).
CHQ is a bitter, colourless, dimorphic crystalline powder soluble in water at pH 4.
For the domains of the CHQ, all state change values are one point; the SF-36 yields state change values of different magnitudes across the eight scales due to the varied number of items and response categories in each scale (Table 1).
Patient data for determining CIDs for the domains of the CHQ and the SF-36 scales were solicited through telephone interviews with 656 clinic outpatients having heart disease who enrolled in this study.
Since CHQ was released in February 2008, users have improved turn times, cut costs, and ensured regulatory compliance.
Baur, who was already a fan of FNC's Collateral Management System([R])--a similar platform in use for the past 10 years by enterprise lenders--says he chose CHQ because of FNC's track record with the nation's largest lenders.
Group of laboratory orders CHBS / CHQ - supply of reagents and consumables - 1 PLC capillary electrophoresis Capillarys 2 and 1 controller capillary electrophoresis Hydrasis.