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A recent study of the PDS membership commissioned by the Party shows that almost 1/4 of PDS members in the west have been in the party only 2 years or less while 3/4 of PDS-West party members have only been members since 1995 (Chrapa and Wittich, 2001).
According to the latest internal study of the PDS membership, while only 6.8% of the membership in the East sees the role of the PDS as "preserving the vision of socialism" (with another 11.6% suggesting that "socialism" means representing "socialist values"), an astonishing 27.2% of PDS-West members believe that the party should chiefly represent this elusive "vision of socialism." (Chrapa and Wittich, 2001).
Chrapa and Wittich's internal study of the PDS gives some support to the idea that PDS members in the West are less bound to the party than those in the east: while around 30% of the former could imagine leaving the party, almost half of the latter would be prepared to do so.