CHRIECouncil on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education
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Founded in 1946, CHRIE brings together educators from hospitality and tourism management schools and universities into a global network in close co-operation with industry representatives.
In response to the recommendations issued by the SCANS and the goals outlined in the resulting America 2000 Program, the Convocation of National Hospitality and Tourism Industry Associations, which included CHRIE and other U.
Almanza, "Consumers' Perceptions about the Safety and Healthfulness of Food Served at Fairs and Festivals as Compared to Other Types of Food Preparation Locations," Paper to be presented at the 1998 Annual CHRIE Convention, Miami, Florida, July 29-August 1, 1998.
The European Council of Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education (EuroCHRIE) is the official federation for Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa of CHRIE - an international organisation that supports training for the hospitality and tourism industry.
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Paper presented at 2009 International CHRIE Conference, San Francisco, California
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