CHRIMPConsolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program
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Secondary Labeling: A best practice is to have small, hazardous-chemical, warning labels printed from CHRIMP They often are used on spray bottles, but how many people have seen them on grease guns in airframes?
CHRIMP is supported by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Information Technology (IT) application which provides essential tools for RCC/HMC operators, logisticians, environmental, health and safety personnel to manage and monitor HAZMAT processes via a central database.
Every month, each of the 101 work centers on base validates its entire inventory of HAZMAT with the CHRIMP center.
LTJG Nichols, FISC Sigonella's HAZMAT division officer in Bahrain, and his storekeepers worked hard for several months prior to the CHRIMP team's arrival preparing office space, storage facilities, and identifying the first work center customers for CHRIMP at Bahrain.
CHRIMP has markedly reduced the amount of hazardous material entering the waste stream.
The negotiations resulted in an 8-month phased plan that met the requirements of CHRIMP without sub-optimizing the shipyard.
PHNSY will reimburse FISCPH for all CHRIMP costs in support of the shipyard's mission.
As the Navy's Executive Agent for the program, NAVSUP is aggressively pursuing CHRIMP partnerships with Navy activities within geographical regions.
CHRIMP has been a difficult process to implement and incorporate into the day-to-day operations in the fleet.
CHRIMP is a business practice that deals with the use of HAZMAT required for operations.
Ships and shore activities alike conduct CHRIMP operations out of a space called a HAZMIN Center (HMC).