CHRMCenter for Human Rights of Moldova (est. 1998)
CHRMCivilian Human Resource Management ( US Army)
CHRMCenter for Human Resource Management (various locations)
CHRMCertificate in Human Resources Management (Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario)
CHRMCertified Hospitality Revenue Manager (American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute; various locations)
CHRMCivilian Human Resources Manual (US Navy)
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Challenge: The CHRM consortium is a group of over 65 federal agencies and interested partners who work with CHRM staff and consultants to study pressing HR issues and define, approve, and fund annual work tasks.
In October 2000, on behalf of the consortium and responding to anticipated retirements in this first decade, CHRM undertook studies of recruiting and retention aimed at identifying recommendations to improve both the quality and retention of agency new recruits.
Based on the "CLEAR" enterprise management paradigm, representing "Collaborate", "Learn", "Execute", "Apply" and "Reach", CHRM enables every member of the workforce to collaborate effectively, learn quickly, execute accurately, apply knowledge timely, and reach out to communities broadly in each phase of the management lifecycle for people and their work.
Unlike traditional enterprise applications that focus only on business process execution by a company's few expert users, CHRM engages every member of the enterprise ecosystem across the globe to participate and collaborate in all people-intensive tasks - elevating human assets into a strategic competitive advantage.
We are very excited about the strategic alliance with BVOD because CHRM rounds out our solution set, which delivers higher value to our customers quickly and comprehensively.
WRM anchors that people-centric management strategy; CHRM realizes it.
Most importantly, CHRM will enable the company to maintain a centralized policy library and a consolidated global view of the entire workforce, while being flexible for all employees to collaborate regionally or company-wide and to manage the bulk of the work as self-service.
We are very pleased to have the opportunity to provide CHRM to KongZhong," says Dr.
To sign up for free CHRM*060 or for more information about CHRM, please visit www.
K2L's successful CHRM delivery -- on time and under budget -- has become a compelling testimony for the K2/ K2M value proposition.
Through CHRM, SINA is able to consolidate all HR functions under a unified global footprint and achieve multiple strategic objectives, including (1) global resource optimization; (2) dynamic organization configuration and cost tracking; (3) enhanced governance and compliance; (4) universal self-service; and (5) on-demand agility for both HR and IT.
We are expecting more major news releases from CHRM in the future.