CHRPACommunity Home Repair Projects of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
CHRPACapital Health Region Pharmacists Association (Canada)
CHRPAConnex Health Risk and Productivity Assessment
CHRPACertificate in Human Resource Planning and Acquisition (People Management Association of the Philippines)
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2013), in which planners have to deal with accident management, that is, planning actions to be taken by police, ambulances, and so on, and CityCar and MapAnalyser (Vallati and Chrpa), where planners are required to shape a map, in terms of road connections between junctions, for maximizing the flow of cars between different areas of the city.
LukaiS Chrpa is a research fellow at the PARK research group of the University of Huddersfield, UK.
In robotics and video games, (continuous) terrain is often discretized into grids with blocked and unblocked grid cells and from there into grid graphs (Tozour 2004; Rabin 2000; Chrpa and Komenda 2011; Bjornsson et al.