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CHRPECongenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (ophthalmological malady; decay of the retina)
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Might it then be more accurate to say: On autofluorescence, CHRPE will hypofluoresce, and can be differentiated from choroidal melanomas by the lack of fluorescent lipofuscin?
7) Additionally on fundus photography, and viewing with indirect ophthalmoscopy, the use of the red-free filter will cause the CHRPE to remain similar in appearance but will cause the deeper retinal structures, including choroidal naevi, to lighten or disappear (remember the mnemonic: 'retina remains with red-free').
However, given the limited resources available to the NHS, it is not appropriate to refer every patient with a choroidal naevus or CHRPE (> 10% of the population) for assessment in secondary care.
As CHRPE are such a common finding I think it's important to have a clear understanding.
Action Pavingstone No None required CHRPE No None required Reticular No None required Peripheral drusen No None required WWP No None required Microcystoid No None required Retinoschisis Very rare Refer routinely for progression confirmation of diagnosis.