CHRPPChicago Hospital Risk Pooling Program (Illinois)
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The learning objectives of CORE were initially based around the graduate student foci from the foundational program CHRPP to "a) introduce core principles and key points relevant to all research involving humans; b) instruct the research community regarding the role of REBs and the responsibilities of researchers, as well as the corresponding responsibilities of institutions; c) illustrate how to apply the TCPS 2 policy to real research scenarios; and d) provide a means to evaluate knowledge of TCPS 2 principles and their appropriate application (Stockley et al.
Since its official launch in 2008, CHRPP has been licensed to the Tri-Counsel through the Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) and forms the basis of CORE, which is a required course for many graduate students engaging in research with human participants.
The court further found that Royal's identification of the underlying policy as the trust agreement was not a clear and unequivocal expression of its intent to incorporate the entire agreement and that, therefore, as a nonsignatory to the arbitration agreement, it could not be compelled to arbitrate its claim against CHRPP pursuant to that agreement.