CHRSCentres d'Hébergement et de Réinsertion Sociale (French: Accommodation Centres and Social Reinsertion)
CHRSCentre d'Hébergement et de Réadaptation Sociale (French: Social Rehabilitation and Accommodation Center)
CHRSCanadian Heritage Rivers System
CHRSCenter for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing
CHRSCharterers (shipping)
CHRSCertified Human Resources Specialist
CHRSCriminal History Record Search
CHRSContainment Heat Removal System
CHRSContract-Hold-Relax-Stretch (fitness)
CHRSCanadian Heart Rhythm Society
CHRSChristian Syndrome
CHRSCentralized Heat Removal Systems
CHRSConfinement Heat Removal System
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In 2016, the Sulphur Springs office of CHRS helped approximately 27 children find their forever families and consummate adoptions and in 2017 they helped approximately 36 children.
“AF catheter ablation safety improvement initiative” proposed by CHRS will provide continuous quality improvement of AF ablation in the future.
CHRS RainSphere was designed as an educational tool that allows users to quickly and easily conduct analyses of historical and future precipitation at spatial scales that range from highly local to global and at daily, monthly, or annual time scales.
The x-axis represents the Chrs and microsatellite marker positions, and the y-axis represents the LOD score.
(1) We consider the same mortality and morbidity variables as the CHRs to facilitate comparison.
(10) In Canada, there are no such data regarding the number of CHWs in service, except those working with Aboriginal populations, and these are known as community health representatives (CHRs).
Chrs Worsley has learned the lesson of making every penny count
Ronnell Nolan, HIA, CHRS, is a working broker and the president of Health Agents of America Inc.
The Cabrini redevelopment was just one small part of the Plan for Transformation, which aimed to cut the CHRs housing stock by 18,532 units to 24,773 units.
The 2010 Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS, 2011) description does not explain the origin of the name "Kazan." The Geographical Names Board of Canada (GNBC) database records show that the name, which means 'white partridge river,' was accepted in 1910 (White, 1910:388).
It wasn't a surprise to see Chrs Brunt and Romelu Lukaku come on for Albion at half-time.