CHRSCentres d'Hébergement et de Réinsertion Sociale (French: Accommodation Centres and Social Reinsertion)
CHRSCentre d'Hébergement et de Réadaptation Sociale (French: Social Rehabilitation and Accommodation Center)
CHRSCanadian Heritage Rivers System
CHRSCenter for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing
CHRSCharterers (shipping)
CHRSCertified Human Resources Specialist
CHRSCriminal History Record Search
CHRSContainment Heat Removal System
CHRSContract-Hold-Relax-Stretch (fitness)
CHRSCanadian Heart Rhythm Society
CHRSChristian Syndrome
CHRSConfinement Heat Removal System
CHRSCentralized Heat Removal Systems
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In 2016, the Sulphur Springs office of CHRS helped approximately 27 children find their forever families and consummate adoptions and in 2017 they helped approximately 36 children.
8220;AF catheter ablation safety improvement initiative” proposed by CHRS will provide continuous quality improvement of AF ablation in the future.
CHRS RainSphere was designed as an educational tool that allows users to quickly and easily conduct analyses of historical and future precipitation at spatial scales that range from highly local to global and at daily, monthly, or annual time scales.
CHRS was established in 1984 by the federal, provincial and territorial governments to conserve and protect the best examples of Canada's river heritage, give them national recognition, and encourage the public to enjoy and appreciate them.
8220;The CHRS designation provides a thorough analysis and education surrounding the ACA, and its effects.
The CHRS Designation is offered in conjunction with the Health Care Reform Center and Policy Institute (HCRPI) and the Healthcare Reform Magazine.
The LRA-Stowe case study is part of the "Service Experience Management" track at the CHRS, which will be held October 8-9 on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY.
By allowing your staff to participate in the certification and receive the CHRS designation, you are ensuring that they will have the most up-to-date PPACA compliance strategies at their fingertips.
Tranche: it concerns diagnostic studies CHRS Le Chne Mrindol, - for all the work, - for APS missions AOR for the renovation of facades and roof with isolation.
This consultation relates to the renovation and improvement in boiler 4 4 institutions under the Social Action Center of the City of Paris, namely Lot 1: Renovation of the thermal center and improving heat distribution networks and hot water from the residence Bon Accueil - 17, rue Laghouat - 75018 ParisLot 2: Renovation of the thermal center and improving heat distribution networks and domestic hot water from the Maine residence - 203, avenue du Maine - 75014 ParisLot 3: Renovation of the thermal center and improving heat distribution networks and hot water of CHRS Charonne - 43/45 boulevard de Charonne - 75011 ParisLot 4: Renovation of the hot water network of the residence Baudemons - 30, rue des Baudemons - 94320 ThiaisWork will be performed in occupied sites.