CHRTCanadian Human Rights Tribunal
CHRTChert (lithological term)
CHRTCombined Hormone Replacement Therapy
CHRTConsolidated Human Resource Technology
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Among those selected five, three parameters were related to the body and ramus of the mandible, namely, the bigonial breadth (BGB) with an 'Fstatistic' value of 151.3 and a classification accuracy of 81.2 %; the left and right coronoid height (CHLt, CHRt) with an 'F-statistic' value and classification accuracy of 72.1, 75.7 % respectively for the first and an 'F-statistics' and classification accuracy of 53.4, 59.1 % respectively for the second.
(10) 2016 CHRT 2, [2016] 2 CNLR 270 ["First Nations Caring Society"].
(65) A 2011 Supreme Court of Canada decision closed another funding pathway for cases raising issues of systemic discrimination by ruling that the CHRT does not have the jurisdiction to award legal costs to successful complainants.
Welcoming the grant, Claire Deacon, from CHRT, said: "Our proposals to regenerate the building will, as well as preserving its striking four-storey exterior, provide 877sq m of new office and work space for the modern creative industries and the traditional professions.
Within the IHPI, the Impact Accelerator, in collaboration with CHRT, will assist IHPI members who seek to have a greater impact on health policy and health care delivery through their research.
In six out of these nine studies, the effect of RLX on BD was compared with the effect of various regimens of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) including combined estrogen progesterone hormone therapy at different doses (cHRT) [42], estrogen only therapy [45, 47], tibolone or cHRT [43], tibolone alone [49], and bazedoxifene [46] (Table 2).
Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) and combination hormone replacement therapy (CHRT) are two medication therapies often prescribed to supplement the decreased levels of hormones in postmenopausal women [5].
(139.) Mowat v Canadian Armed Forces, 2006 CHRT 49 at para 27 (available on WL Can).
Two weeks before the CHRT was to hear the case, the government appointed a new chair.
As we pointed out in an earlier letter, in view of its horrendous anti-Christian bias--self-admitted in its own history published in January 2009--the CHRC and the CHRT should be abolished.
The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) announced on Monday that it has applied to the Canadian Federal Court for a judicial review of a decision made by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) that questioned the retirement age provision of the pilots' collective agreement with Air Canada.