CHSBCriminal History Systems Board (Massachusetts)
CHSBCommunity Hospital of San Bernardino (San Bernardino, CA)
CHSBChichester High School for Boys (UK)
CHSBChronic Hepatosplenic Suppurative Brucellosis (bacterial disease)
CHSBCyberport Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
CHSBCenter for Healthy Student Behavior
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In Iringa district, the CHSB members were paid a flat rate of TShs 80 000 after every meeting which were normally convened quarterly.
Believe me, this is my second tenure as a CHSB member.
We are so grateful to our district council for what they do to us, especially when we hear the cries that other CHSB face in other districts.
Distribution of Respondents (N = 78) Total Category of Population Iringa Iramba CHMT 8 8 CHSB 4 4 Health providers at Health centre and dispensaries 7 7 Health centre committees 9 9 Dispensary committees 9 9 CHF coordinator 1 1 CDO 1 1 Total 39 39 Abbreviations: CHF, Community Health Fund; CHMT, Council Health Management Team; CHSB, Council Health Service Board; CDO, Community Development Officer.
In spite of the increased resources, the audit found the CHSB has no system to ensure those accessing its database are authorized to do so, and also revealed a number of frivolous and fraudulent inquiries by police into the lives of celebrities and prominent citizens.
The final terms were approved by the CHW Southern California regional board in July 1998, as well as the board of directors of CHSB on Aug.
Terms of the agreement establish CHWSC as the parent corporation of CHSB, which remains in existence as a separate, nonprofit, public benefit corporate subsidiary of CHWSC.
Bernardine will continue to be governed at the CHW regional and corporate levels, while CHSB will have a 15-member local board of directors composed of 10 members selected from the current board and five members appointed by the CHW Southern California region.