CHSBCriminal History Systems Board (Massachusetts)
CHSBCommunity Hospital of San Bernardino (San Bernardino, CA)
CHSBChichester High School for Boys (UK)
CHSBChronic Hepatosplenic Suppurative Brucellosis (bacterial disease)
CHSBCyberport Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
CHSBCenter for Healthy Student Behavior
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Strengthening approaches for maximizing maternal, neonatal and reproductive health (SAMMAN)/GSKII Project-Community Health Score Board (CHSB).
Efforts are being made by both the Government and civil society in Nepal to promote social accountability in the public health sector through the use of social accountability 'mechanisms' (structures, tools and activities/processes), such as health management committees, social audits and community health score boards (CHSBs).
Since 2011, CHSBs have been implemented by CARE in selected health facilities of the study districts in collaboration with the D(P)HO, local health facilities and HFOMCs.
Social accountability functions--The CHSBs also involved information and dialogue and negotiation.
Gaps/challenges--The first challenge of the CHSBs is that their implementation is limited to selected VDCs.
It is also necessary to ask what the CHSB has been doing with the funds it has received.
In spite of the increased resources, the audit found the CHSB has no system to ensure those accessing its database are authorized to do so, and also revealed a number of frivolous and fraudulent inquiries by police into the lives of celebrities and prominent citizens.
of the Interviews Singida Lushoto Iringa Kilwa CHMT 3 3 4 3 The CHSB 1 - 1 1 Diocese Leaders (Bishops' offices) 1 2 1 1 District legal officers 1 - - 1 Health facility providers and hospital 2 2 2 2 administrators Hospital financial officers - 1 1 - Total key informants 8 8 9 8 Abbreviations: CHSB, Council Health Services Board; CHMT, Council Health Management Team.
(10) At the district level, the CHF is managed by the Council Health Service Board (CHSB) with representatives from the district authorities, public healthcare providers, private healthcare providers, and the community.
The sampled respondents included members of the CHMT, CHSB, Health Facility Governing Committees (HFGCs), in-charge of the health facilities, the Community Development Officer (CDO), and district CHF coordinators.
In Iramba, sensitisation was not only done by the members of CHMT, CHSB, or HFCs but also it encompassed all district council management team led by the District Commissioner (DC) and the DED.
Our hamlet chair persons, Village Executive Officers (VEOs), Ward Executive Officers (WEOs), Ward Councillors above all DCs and DEDs have done a commendable job" (IDI with a CHSB member).