CHSLICatholic Health Services of Long Island
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Catherine of Sienna Medical Center taxable revenue bonds (guaranteed by the CHSLI obligated group) series 2000.
Simultaneous with the issuance of the series 2011 bonds, CHSLI will add to the obligated group two of the system affiliates: St.
As part of the transaction, CHSLI will take advantage of a pool program to borrow $90 million toward its $140 million cost of completing its electronic health record in order to qualify for meaningful use stimulus funds.
It should be noted that CHSLI had invested nearly $500 million in its plant over the last five years with merely $92 million of the St.
If CHSLI is able to maintain its earnings at recent levels over the next 12-24 months while continuing to bolster its liquidity and capital-related metrics, an upgrade to the 'A' category could be warranted.
After operating losses in FY04 and FY05 and a small margin in FY06, CHSLI produced a 1.
CHSLI is a five-hospital system with 1,613 operated beds in both Nassau and Suffolk counties.
At fiscal 2006, CHSLI had $423 million in unrestricted cash (excluding short-term debt of $27.
CHSLI has budgeted to breakeven from operations in 2007.
CHSLI is composed of five hospitals located in Long Island, NY and only one, St.
The `A-' is predicated on the credit strength of CHSLI, which includes St.
CHSLI demonstrates strong liquidity, with days cash on hand at 188.