CHTSCertified Healthcare Technology Specialist (credential)
CHTSCylinder Head Temperature Sensor (Nissan)
CHTSClough Hall Technology School (Staffordshire, UK)
CHTSChristopher Hoare Tree Services (UK)
CHTSCalef Hill Technology Services (Tilton, NH)
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"The CHT is the highest level of certification that a hand therapist can attain, so if you have been working in the field for a while, to have a CHT after your name is quite an honour and puts a lot of weight to your credentials," said Monique LeBlanc, acting supervisor of hand therapy unit.
LeBlanc was the first CHT brought into HMC to train occupational therapists in hand therapy.
Speaking on their experience working towards certification, Syeda said: "My desire to become a CHT started a long time ago but due to my personal engagements -- being a full time therapist and having a family of three kids -- I could only decide to pursue it seriously last year.
Thorpe added that broad use of CHTs can support the following major areas of health care:
CHTs could help optimize follow-up care in patients discharged from the hospital to reduce their risk of early readmission.
CHTs could work with such programs to help people improve their diet and exercise habits before they develop chronic diseases.
The most advanced CHT programs are in place in Vermont, where the service is available to all patients in the state, and in North Carolina, which offers it to all Medicaid patients.
CHTs in the mid-300s strike us as the best place to operate the IO-520 and we think you're doing everything right.
Yet 50 degrees ROP yields the highest CHTs and internal cylinder pressures in exchange for nearly the highest power output.
At either setting, sustained CHTs are supposed to remain below 380 degrees F.
The tricky bits--if there are any--is that the manual also says if CHTs are consistently under 380 degrees, fuel flow can be tweaked .1 to .2 GPH to increase speed, not to exceed 18 GPH.